License suspension

Inwood, FL

Inwood is a census-designated place of approximately 7,000 residents, located near Winter Haven and Lakeland in Polk County, Florida. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has conducted many street-level reverse stings in the area, due in part to frequent complaints from residents, business owners and public officials. Notably, in February 1989, PCSO deputies staged a john […]

West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is a city of approximately 100,000 residents, located in Palm Beach County in southeastern Florida. Prostitution and sex trafficking of minors are well-documented, longstanding local problems, and there have been cases of murderers and serial rapists specifically targeting individuals selling sex. The city was one of the nation’s “early adopters” of tactics that targeted the underlying demand […]

Trenton, NJ

Trenton is the capital of the of New Jersey with a population of approximately 85,000. Prostitution and sex trafficking have been identified by law enforcement as having substantial activity in the city, and residents have complained to police about prostitution in certain neighborhoods.  Among the serious problems stemming from the commercial sex market have been prostitution-related […]

Tampa, FL

Tampa is known to have substantial activity in sex trafficking and prostitution, and cases of prostitution-related homicide.  The city and its partners from the county and neighboring communities have pursued a wide range of strategies focusing on the demand for commercial sex as a means of combating prostitution and sex trafficking, including both street-level and […]

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and has a population of approximately 170,000.  The city also serves as the government seat of Leon County.  Prostitution has been identified by law enforcement as a problem in the city, and residents have complained to police about prostitution in certain neighborhoods.  Associated crimes that have been well-documented in […]

St. Paul, MN

St. Paul has experienced a wide range of problems associated with its robust local commercial sex market, including child sex trafficking, sex sellers specifically targeted for assault and murder, and infants endangered during commercial sex exchanges.  The city is one of the pioneers of the john school model used to combat demand for commercial sex.  It […]

Sacramento County, CA

Sacramento County is a county of approximately 1.4 million residents, including the cities Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and North Highlands, California. The county has had activity of serial rapists and murderers that specifically targeted prostituted women. Many cases of child sex trafficking have been documented in the county; other, less severe local problems linked to prostitution […]

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the capital city of California, and has a population of approximately 500,000. Numerous local problems with prostitution and sex trafficking have been well-documented. The city is also one of the locations in which a serial rapist and murderer specifically targeted women engaged in prostitution. Sacramento began conducting reverse stings more than 25 years ago, […]

Richmond, CA

Richmond is a city of approximately 104,000 residents, located in the East Bay portion of the San Francisco Metropolitan Area in Contra Costa County, California. Local law enforcement have reported problems related to prostitution (sex trafficking of minors, targeted sexual assault and murder of prostituted women) in the city, and residents and businesses have complained to police […]

Polk County, FL

Polk County is a county of approximately 600,000 residents, located in central Florida. It contains the cities of Lakeland, Winter Haven, Inwood, Lake Wales and Davenport. To reduce prostitution activity in the area, deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office conduct frequent web-based reverse stings and release the names of all arrestees to the public. Johns’ photos […]