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Lake Worth Beach, FL

Lake Worth Beach (formerly known as “Lake Worth”) is a city of approximately 39,000 residents, located in Palm Beach County, about 15 minutes south of West Palm Beach, Florida. Prostitution is a persistent and visible problem in the area for decades, generating many complaints to law enforcement agencies. In a recent example from December, 2022, a […]

Beardstown, IL

Beardstown is a city in Cass County, Illinois. Its population is approximately 6,000, and it is located along the Illinois River in the western part of the state, southwest of Peoria and northwest of Springfield.  Evidence of prostitution activity in Beardstown dates back to the 1870s through the present, and in contemporary times the problems […]

Milton-Freewater, OR

Milton-Freewater is a city in Northeastern Oregon of approximately 7,000 residents located in Umatilla County, OR. The city received its current name in 1951 when the neighboring cities of Milton and Freewater voted to merge. The city is part of the Pendleton–Hermiston Micropolitan Statistical Area. Instances of prostitution and sex trafficking have been documented in […]

Eatonville, FL

Eatonville is a town in Orange County, Florida, located six miles north of Orlando. It is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee metropolitan statistical area, and has a population of approximately 2,300. Local prostitution is well documented in the town, and is related to numerous problems throughout the county, including child sex trafficking.  The county has also […]

Inwood, FL

Inwood is a census-designated place of approximately 7,000 residents, located near Winter Haven and Lakeland in Polk County, Florida. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has conducted many street-level reverse stings in the area due in part to frequent complaints from residents, business owners, and public officials. Notably, in February 1989, PCSO deputies staged a sex […]

West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is a city of approximately 117,000 residents, located in Palm Beach County in southeastern Florida. Prostitution and sex trafficking have been persistent local problems for decades and a wide range of crimes associated with the local sex trade have been well documented.  For example, sex buyers have been set up by prostituted […]

Vallejo, CA

Vallejo is a city of approximately 121,000 residents, situated west of Sacramento in northern California’s Solano County, near Fairfield and Benicia. The city has been known for its robust commercial sex trade for decades.  A wide range of local problems and ancillary crimes associated with prostitution have been documented, such as kidnapping, murder, rape, sex […]

Trenton, NJ

Trenton is the capital of the of New Jersey with a population of approximately 90,000. Prostitution and sex trafficking have been identified by law enforcement as having substantial activity in the city, and residents have complained to police about prostitution in certain neighborhoods.  Among the serious problems stemming from the commercial sex market have been […]

Tampa, FL

Tampa is a city of approximately 400,000 residents situated on the Gulf coast of Florida and serves as the government seat of Hillsborough County. The city and the surrounding areas of the county are known to have substantial activity in sex trafficking and prostitution, which generates a wide range of related crimes, including cases of […]

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida, as well as the government seat of Leon County, FL. The city has a population of approximately 196,000 residents. Prostitution and sex trafficking have been identified by law enforcement as pervasive problems in the city, in addition to residential complaints to police regarding prostitution activity in certain neighborhoods. […]