Public Education

This approach involves efforts to educate people about prostitution and sex trafficking, and encouraging them not to contribute to sexual exploitation by purchasing sex, or by tolerating or supporting this behavior in others. Some of the education efforts are broadcast widely, while others more narrowly target sex buyers, or boys in an effort to prevent them from becoming men who buy sex.  More than 140 cities and counties in the U.S. have launched some form of public education effort focused on reducing demand for commercial sex.

To learn more about this intervention, access the resources provided below.

Public Service Announcements

Online Ads to Deter Sex Buyers

Websites for Public Education and Sex Buyer Deterrence:

U.S. Department of Defense TIP Training

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) Toolkits for Training and Education

Survivors Healing, Advising and Dedicated to Empowerment (SHADE Movement)

Veronica’s Voice “Stop Demand” Speaking Points

Indiana Attorney General’s Office

End Demand, Illinois

End Demand, New York City (NYC)

Demand Abolition

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