Auto Seizure

A vehicle used to solicit sex can be seized by law enforcement agencies. To retrieve it, a sex buyer must pay an impound or tow fee and/or a fine ranging from about $250 to $2,000. In some communities, seized vehicles can be forfeited and sold at auction as part of the penalty for the offense.  Forfeiture can also happen if the offenders fail to pay the fees and fines necessary to repossess their vehicles. More than 295 of the 2,690+ U.S. cities and counties that have arrested sex buyers have seized vehicles used in the commission of that crime.

To learn more about this intervention, access the resources below.

City Council Motions and Ordinances Authorizing Seizing Autos of Arrested Sex Buyers

State Statutes Allowing for Seizure of Vehicles used to Purchase Sex:

Articles About City Council Auto Impound Proposals, Including Critique

News Reports on Vehicle Seizures for Arrested Sex Buyers

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