Neighborhood Action

This class of initiative involves organized, community-led action, such as routinely and systematically forwarding tips to police about sex buyers, conducting citizen patrols targeting demand, operating citizen-led blogs or websites, or launching billboard campaigns featuring messages meant to deter consumers of commercial sex. Some neighborhood organizations participate in “community impact panels” or make presentations at john schools.  We know of more than 265 U.S. cities and counties that have engaged in some form of neighborhood-led action focused on combating demand for commercial sex.

To learn more about this type if initiative, and how it has been implemented, please see our Tactic Summary document (March, 2023), as well as the links to resources provided below. You may also locate where in the United States that this tactic has been used by visiting Demand Forum’s mapping or listing functions, and selecting from the list of tactics. By clicking on each of the cities and counties listed or mapped, you may access brief summaries of the implementation of each tactic in that community, and links to source documentation.

Materials from Neighborhood Group in Rochester, New York

Prostitution and Drug Complaint Form, Reading, PA Police Department

Community Feedback for Town Hall Meeting

Neighborhood-Led Task Force Reports on Prostitution & Demand

Letter to Mayor From Neighborhood Organization

News Reports on Neighborhood Action

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