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Springfield is a city of approximately 60,000 residents, located just east of Eugene, Oregon. Prostitution has been a persistent problem for city law enforcement in recent years, with sex sales concentrated along Main Street and the city’s downtown area. Sex trafficking of children has also occurred in the city.  To address these issues, the Springfield Police Department has occasionally targeted consumer level demand for commercial sex by conducting street-level reverse stings to identify and apprehend sex buyers. The operations, which utilize an undercover female officer as a decoy, have at times netted more that 25 johns in a single evening. Police have not typically released offenders’ names to the public, but have done so more recently in cases where the offender has tried to buy sex with a child.

Once arrested, men who have tried to buy sex from adults are charged with a misdemeanor. If they plead guilty, and have no prior offenses, they may enter into a diversion program. Although the details of the program have not been made public, news outlets have reported that it includes several hours of mandatory community service. If a john successfully completes the program and avoids rearrest, he may have the conviction expunged from their record.

In March 2019, a web-based reverse sting was conducted in Eugene, and the photos and identifying information of the arrested man were publicly released. The man was a Springfield resident.  The newly-formed Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit helped make the arrest, which was the result of a child prostitution sting.  Detectives posed online as a 12-year-old girl, and the 34 year old man from Springfield responded and arranged to meet the girl at a Eugene location the next day. When he arrived, he was arrested by the Street Crimes team and then charged with online sexual corruption of a child and possession of a firearm.

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State Oregon
Type City
Population 56666
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