At least one reverse sting operation has been conducted in the city of Fairbanks.  in October 2014, an investigation of an Anchorage-based prostitution business led to misdemeanor charges against seven alleged johns in Fairbanks. Alaska State Troopers seized terabytes of information, including email records, from an Anchorage resident while investigating an alleged statewide prostitution business.  The woman was accused of organizing 32 independent contractors who had about 800 clients, according to the charges against her. A grand jury indicted the defendant on four felony sex trafficking charges. Seven men were charged with buying sex from the pimp’s “contractors” in Fairbanks during 2013 and 2014. The men were charged with  prostitution, the crime of offering a fee in return for sexual contact. State law rates it a “class B” misdemeanor, one classification less serious than a driving under the influence conviction. It’s the same charge that can potentially be filed against prostitutes.  The charging documents listed some of the men as current Fairbanks residents and others as current residents of Ohio, Montana, Kansas and Anchorage who are accused of soliciting the business while they were in Fairbanks.
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