Wyandotte County, KS

Tactics Used

Reverse stings
Auto seizure
Community service
Public education
Neighborhood action
SOAP orders
John school
Web stings
License suspension

Wyandotte County is an area located in northeast Kansas with a population of roughly 154,000.   Prostitution and sex trafficking are problems known to exist in the county.  In 2010, a crackdown on underage sex trafficking resulted in two arrests of sex buyers.   The state ran a sting operation using a decoy ad for child prostitution, and in less than 72 hours, two men had traveled to an undisclosed location in western Wyandotte County and were arrested.  Sex buyers arrested in more conventional reverse stings may be sent to the Veronica’s Voice john school  in Kansas City, although most are not.  Whether they are sentenced to the john school or offered it as a diversion option occurs at the discretion of judges.

Public Education:

In July, 2018, the Kansas Attorney General announced a new awareness campaign in Kansas is aimed at cutting the demand for prostitution as a way to fight human trafficking. The campaign involves state agencies and local advocacy groups teaming up to push the “Demand an End” initiative, which features education and announcements warning people that buyers of sex face charges. The campaign intends to promote a culture where buying sex is not acceptable. It is based on the assumption that the money from sex buyers fuels a marketplace that enables sex trafficking.

Key Partners

  • Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office
  • Kansas Attorney General’s Office
  • Wyandotte District Attorney’s Office

Key Sources


State Kansas
Type County
Population 153601
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