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Layton is a city of approximately 77,000 residents, located in south-central Utah’s Davis County, near Ogden. Cases of prostitution and the sex trafficking of minors have been reported in the city, and this activity has also generated a wide range of other crimes, including drug and weapons offenses, money laundering, and the production of child sexual abuse materials (CSAM, often called “child pornography” in state legal codes). For example, in 2009, Layton police investigated a case where a man is accused of acting as a pimp (or more correctly, a child sex trafficker) for two 14-year-old girls. In August, 2013, an 18-year-old man was arrested and faced felony charges after allegations were made that he forced a 16-year-old runaway into prostitution. The man was accused of forcing her “to be an escort” as a way to make him money. Detectives found websites and escort advertisements that lined up with the girl’s accusations. During a search of the man’s apartment, police found evidence supporting accusations from the girl that he had taken nude photos of her with a cellphone, according to the release. Police also found evidence of marijuana distribution and possession, and a firearm. The man was booked into Davis County Jail on suspicion of: aggravated exploitation of prostitution; sexual exploitation of a minor; possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in a drug-free zone; unlawful possession of another’s identifying documents; and possession of a firearm by a restricted person.

In January, 2018, a Layton massage parlor employee appeared in court on charges related to prostitution at her place of work. She was charged with money laundering, “exploiting a prostitute,” and sexual solicitation for offenses that police said occurred in September, 2017. According to a probable cause statement released by police, the Davis County Attorney’s office received a letter, stating that illegal activity was happening at a spa on N Main Street in Layton City.  The letter came from an unidentified person, and the attorney’s office gave the information to police. The Layton City Police Department executed a search warrant at the spa, as well as the defendant’s apartment. Police found evidence of money laundering and trying to solicit sexual activity for the exchange of money, prompting a sexual solicitation charge. In August, 2022, Layton Police and family members were asking the public for help in locating a 16-year-old girl who ran away from a Layton treatment facility and is a survivor of human trafficking.

In an effort to curtail commercial sex and its related crimes, the Layton Police Department has adopted an aggressive strategy that includes tactics that target sex buyers in addition to prostituted women. The department has conducted, to our knowledge, at least two web-based reverse stings resulting in the arrest of 12 johns. In the days following each operation, all of the arrestees’ names and other identifying information were released to the public. Following a July 2010 reversal, it was announced that several of the men had pled guilty and were each given “one year of probation, 48 hours of community service and a $750 fine.”

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State Utah
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