Holden, MA

Tactics Used

Auto Seizure
Buyer Arrests
Community Service
Employment Loss
Identity Disclosure
IT Based Tactics
John School
License Suspension
Neighborhood Action
Public Education
Reverse Stings
SOAP Orders
Web Stings

Holden is a town of about 20,000 residents in central Massachusetts, near Worcester. Prostitution activity has been well-documented in the city and surrounding communities. This activity and the problems and ancillary crimes it generates results in complaints to law enforcement agencies. Consumer level demand provides the revenue stream for all prostitution and sex trafficking, and has therefore been targeted by local law enforcement agencies as a strategy for prevention and response. For example, in March 2010, a sex buyer was arrested for soliciting a prostituted woman. He had placed an ad on Craigslist seeking a prostituted person; undercover officers from the Holden Police Department responded. Details of the operation, as well as the man’s identification information, were released to the media. In 2012 a more traditional web-based sting was conducted, when police initiated operations and placed a decoy ad online. That operation resulted in the arrest of another sex buyer, whose identity was also publicized. In February 2018, a web-based reverse sting resulted in the arrest of four sex buyers.

Key Sources

Background on Prostitution in the Area

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Sex Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation in the Area

Documented Violence Against Individuals Engaged in Prostitution in the Area

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Child Endangerment

  • “Nearly Two Dozen Rounded Up in Sex Sting”,  Worcester Telegram-Gazette, April 3 2008
State Massachusetts
Type City
Population 19905
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